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Your Car Your Best Pal – Get A Car Title Loan

From the very first production car for the masses, the Model T as invented by Henry Ford the car has been man’s true best friend. A dog may be able to scare off burglars and sniff out game; but a car can take you from city to city, move your home and above all give you freedom.

Songs have been written about a young man’s love for his car; from Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” to Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin.
Because nothing says you’ve become a man like getting your first car. Independence and a place to meet up with a member of the opposite sex; and for the ladies it meant being an independent woman

As Beyonce sang,

“The car I’m driving
I’ve bought it
I depend on me”

But more than in songs in films and TV cars start to take a role on their own as our best friends. Of course one must leave aside Stephen King’s Christine the murderous, jealous car. Perhaps the first Cinematic best friend car was Herbie as seen in 1968’s the Love Bug. Taking advantage of the VW Beetle’s almost human looks and big soulful headlights; the film had one hero in Herbie the “Love Bug.” Herbie’s cheery personality and heroic adventures were to keep him in movies for an amazing 40 years. Including meeting his nemesis Hubert the Hate bug in a 1997 movie starring Bruce Campbell. A four wheeled acting career more impressive than many of his two legged costars.

And the 1980s was identified for many with probably the ultimate buddy cop series. In which David Hasslehoff’s hero didn’t need a gun or a human partner. Because his partner was Kitt a sarcastic, Trans Am who not only drove him everywhere, but was also his best friend.

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So where is all this leading? These songs, films and TV shows show how your car is your best buddy. Heck it’ll actually lend you money (by getting a loan) ; because with a car title loan your car will lend you money. You’re not selling it, you don’t even have to hand your keys over you can keep on driving it. Because like the song says; it’s not just your car. It’s your best friend too. So why wait? Apply for a car title loan today !

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