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Car title loans have grown more popular nowadays. And it’s practically obvious why a lot of people run to this type of financial assistance whenever they find themselves in a tight situation. Also known as pink slip loans, car title loans provide people with a fast and convenient way to solve any pressing monetary issues at hand.

What are the Basics of a Car Title Loan?

Categorized as a type of short term loan, no credit check title loans provide borrowers the opportunity to secure cash assistance in the shortest time possible. Borrowers don’t need to undergo a thorough credit check just to qualify for this type of loan. However, in order to avail of this loan, they must own a functioning car. The initial application process requires them to present both the vehicle as well as the car title. The car will serve as collateral for the loaned amount.

What Happens During the Application Process?

To provide the lender an idea of the car’s value, he would go about his business and start inspecting it. The results of the inspection will help him assess just how much the borrower can loan from him. This is important since the car will serve as collateral. Once the value has been estimated, the lender will place a lien on the car title. That way, he will gain full rights to repossess the car once the borrower fails to pay back on time. All in all, the entire application won’t even last for more than a day or two. If things go smoothly, it may even be done in a matter of minutes.

What are the Benefits This Type of Loan

Apart from convenience, car title loan lenders also allow their clients to continue driving their cars around even while the loan remains unpaid. There is less restrictions to this type of loan. However, in order to avoid paying extra charges and high interest rates, every borrower must make it a point to pay back on time.

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