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Car title loans are among the most popular type of short term loans available nowadays. A lot of people have opted for them in times of urgent financial crisis due to its practicality and convenience. Without having to go through much hassle, people can instantly obtain the assistance they need.

Who Qualifies for This Type of Loan?

It doesn’t really take much to qualify for this type of loan. A person doesn’t need to have a perfect credit score or even a stable source of income to avail of this type of loan. Car title loans, as its name would suggest, only requires the borrower to have a well-functioning car as well as an accompanying title to obtain this kind of financial assistance. The vehicle, so as long as it works well, is enough to serve as collateral for the loan.

How Does the Process Go?

No credit check title loans follow a remarkably simple process. The loan application can be completed in two days or less. Without having the need to undergo a credit check, the borrower is only required to present his vehicle to the lender for assessment. The value of the car will be estimated in order to set a limit to how much the client can borrower. The amount should not go beyond the current value of the car. Once it’s settled, the borrower should surrender the title of the car to the lender who will in turn place a lien over it until the loan is repaid in full. However, before the due date arrives, he borrower is free to drive his car around without any holds or restrictions from the lender. The privilege only stops when the due date is reached and the borrower fails to pay back the amount in full. In that case, the vehicle will be repossessed sold or auctioned. This doesn’t really pose a problem to the borrower so as long as he maintains a foolproof plan to pay back the loan on time.

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