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In the US, car title loans are fast becoming one of the most convenient ways to secure financial assistance in times of emergencies. Also known as auto title loans or a pink slip loan, this type of loan doesn’t require the borrower to undergo a thorough credit check simply because they are asked to present the title of their cars as collateral.

What Happens to the Car Title When the Loan is Approved

Basically, even before the loan is approved, the lender will inspect the condition of the car to estimate its value. Once that’s done, the lender will ask the borrower if he is willing to have a lien placed on his car title. That way, the lender will have the right to repossess the vehicle once the borrower fails to pay the loan back on time. On the other hand, if the borrower successfully repays the loan on or before the due date, the lien will be removed.

What Happens to the Vehicle?

As mentioned, the vehicle will be inspected and assessed in order to estimate its value. After the loan has been given, the borrower will be allowed to continue using the vehicle. That is the beauty of no credit check title loans. The vehicle will only be taken from the borrower once he fails to complete his payments on the final due date. If that happens, the vehicle will be repossessed and sold in order to make up for the borrower’s outstanding debts.

Who Can Avail of This Loan?

Car title loans don’t require borrowers to undergo a credit check since they are going to temporarily place a lien on the car title as collateral. So, basically, anyone who owns a functioning vehicle is qualified to apply for this type of loan. Even people who currently hold a bad credit score are legible. This is practically among the many reasons why car title loansare becoming more and more popular nowadays. They are fast and convenient. They provide an easy solution for minor yet urgent monetary problems.

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