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Before applying for a collateral title loan for vehicles and if you own a modified vehicle, apply for modified car insurance.

There are drivers who like to modify the vehicle they own and make their car a bit more special. They’re not satisfied with just the standard factory finished model. They experience pure joy when adding accessories like 5 speed transmission, rear tailplane, and a whole lot more.

Modified insurance is needed for modified vehicles

Modifying or renovating any car can increase its value or improve its performance, but, it can also affect its insurance premium. Insurance companies are normally cautious of modified cars because they pose a higher risk. Any additions, modifications, and alterations to the engine alone increases the likelihood of a claim. For example, fitting a new exhaust system may enhance the vehicle’s performance, but, you never know the long term effects on the engine and this may affect any ruling in the likelihood of a claim. There is the also the question if collateral vehicle title loan lenders will accept a modified vehicle as collateral for any car title loan applications.

Vehicles with modified car insurance can still be used as collateral

A vehicle that has been altered in any way from the original purchased factory model constitutes being modified. All modifications should be declared to the insurance company so long as performance is not affected. For instance, additional headlights, a bigger stereo sound system, or neon lights have no effect whatsoever on overall performance.

Some modifications actually do lead to modified car insurance such as security systems, alarms, or tracking devices. Locking wheel nuts also are exceptions because they add security to expensive wheels to reduce risks of theft. Specially modified insurance is also available for all auto title loan borrowers.

Storage may affect a collateral title loan approval

Where the car is parked and stored by the owner also makes a difference with any modified car insurance. A vehicle title loan becomes easier to obtain if the vehicle is secured in a locked garage rather than parked in a rough neighborhood that tempts car thieves.

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