Car Title Loans At 70% Lower Interest Rates

Car Title Loans Offer Lending Alternatives to Families with Bad or Poor Credit

Car Title Loans Offer Lending Alternatives to Families with Bad or Poor Credit

With most Canadian families tightening their belts to get through the current economic crisis, many of them are seeking alternative ways to get access to cash quickly. Most of these families have houses that are underwater, where the mortgage is greater than the value of the home. As a result, there is no equity to borrow against. Some of these families turn to car title loans to obtain quick cash by using the equity in their vehicle as collateral against the loan.

There are significant advantages to borrowing money against the equity of a vehicle. These car title loans work differently than a conventional loan through a traditional banking institution or credit union. There is no credit check involved, so families with poor credit histories or no credit can still gain quick access to cash. To be pre-approved requires nothing but the ability to repay the debt, and having a clear title to the vehicle that will be used as collateral.

Interest Rates

In some cases, the terms of the loan can be negotiable. Although interest rates tend to be higher than conventional loans, there is greater risk, because no credit check is involved. Additionally, there is no penalty charge for paying off the debt early, allowing the borrower to save significantly if it is not necessary to extend the payments over the pre-determined life of the loan.

Driving Your Vehicle – Get A Car Title Loan in Scarborough, Ontario

Families enjoy the convenience of obtaining a car title loan, in exchange for the equity in the vehicle they own, because they are not required to sell their car for the cash. They keep possession of the car, and have full use of it during the repayment process. Most lenders that offer car title loans only require the vehicle owner provide an additional set of keys to be held by the lending company until the debt is repaid.

Applying for Car Title Loan - Scarborough, Ontario

The process for applying for a car title loan is easy, with most of it occurring online. With only a minimal amount of paperwork, the transaction of obtaining a car title loan is very straightforward. The lender will perform a title check to determine ownership, along with a search for any recorded liens, to be used to evaluate the exact worth of the equity in the car or truck. Its true value will be assessed on its condition, age, make, model and any liens against the title.

Quick Turnaround Time

Borrowers can typically expect to hold cash in their hand for their car title loan in as little as two to three days, and sometimes even less. This works well for many families in need of emergency cash to pay off medical bills or for unexpected situations where cash is needed immediately.

Obtaining a car title loan is not to be intended to serve as a long-term financial solution. With higher interest rates, these types of cash loans work well as an intermediate short-term cash solution to help financially during times of financial crisis. Car title loans are available to nearly anyone who has equity in a vehicle they own.

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4) Your can borrow up to $25,000 depending on the value of your vehicle

5) You can choose a 1 year or 2 year term loan.