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7 Amusing Myths About Car Title Loans

There are many myths about car title loans. You have to get the record straight before getting a car title loan. Don’t just opt for one without getting a clear idea about the procedure. When the facts are separated from the fiction, you will be amazed to see the versatility and efficiency of this loan.

Common Myths Of Car Title Loans

Car Title Loans Have High-Interest Rates:These loans get a lot of flak for having high-interest rates. Actually the truth is that the car tittle loan lender offers the most reasonable rates in the market that align with your capabilities of paying the loan off.

It’s Hard To Obtain Instant Cash With Car Title Loans: This is totally untrue since they have the easiest procedure compared to the other loans. In minutes, you get approval for the loan and in the next few hours you receive the cash.

Car Title Loans Are Not Secure: These loans are secured by the title of your car, so they are a safe alternative compared to other loans. A secured loan is the one that allows you to enjoy lower interest rates and have more flexible terms.

Car Title Loans Have Prepayment Penalties:That’s not true, you can pay off your investment ahead of schedule or even if you pay on time, you would never face a prepayment penalty. Who would punish a responsible and good borrowers? No one would do that.

Application Requires Physical Presence:It’s not necessary to be present in the office. You can apply for the car title loans from the comfort of your home because they feature an online application procedure. You can access it even from your smart phones.

I Will Have To Surrender My Car:No not at all, you don’t have to give up you car to anyone. All you need to give is the title of your car. You can continue to drive to your daily routine. Nothing changes, your life stays the same and you can effectively deal with the financial crisis.

High Disclosure Of Personal Information:Your privacy is highly valued, the lender would only want you to disclose few basic contact and car related information. For example- phone number, driving license, social security number and the like.

Do not let these common myths about car title loans deter you, because they can easily bring you out of your financial crisis.

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