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Pawn My Car for Cash Ottawa Ontario

The growing popularity of pawn my car for cash loans is due to collateral title loans for vehicles.

Pawn my car for cash loans, also known as collateral vehicle title loans are becoming more and more popular than unsecured short term loans. Present estimates by lending industry legislators contend that the size of the market for vehicle title loans now stand at $1 billion annually with some 7,700 vehicle title loan lenders all over North America.

Collateral vehicle title loans need no promotions

Unlike their unsecured and short term loan rivals, not very many car title loan lenders indulge in heavy promotions such as on late night TV. Awareness for car title loans mostly come from either word of mouth or through the internet. In addition, auto title loans offer larger loan amounts because the loan is based on the vehicle’s true market value evaluation. So long as the vehicle and vehicle have no outstanding liens, they serve as collateral to secure the loan.

Low interest benefits

Interest rates for collateral auto title loans are the lowest when compared to other unsecured and short term loans. Also, because of controlled legislation, interest rates are the lowest in the lending industry. Unlike short term loans, loan payment terms of vehicle title loans start off at 1 year and run on up to 2 years.

No credit checks needed   

A big selling point of collateral title loans is that lenders don’t need to run credit checks to approve a loan. This is why these loans are sometimes called no credit check title loans. Whether the borrower has a poor credit history or no credit history at all, it won’t matter because the loan is secured by the collateral which is the vehicle and vehicle title.

No hidden fees and charges

Unlike short term unsecured loans that are notorious for hidden charges, collateral vehicle title loans carry no such hidden fees. Even if the loan is paid off early, no early payment penalty will be charged.

Real Car Cash Loans is a leading collateral title lending company. This locally-owned and managed company has been helping individuals with their finances offering collateral title loans for vehicles. They give borrowers a chance to get quick cash easily, with the lowest interest rates and loan payment terms from 1 year to 2 years. For more information about the company, its title loans and other services, call Real Car Cash Loans toll free at 1-877-304-7344 and apply now or apply online.


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1) Our payment are as low as $97 per month

2) During the loan, you get you keep your car

3) You can pay out your loan anytime without any


4) Your can borrow up to $25,000 depending on the value of your vehicle

5) You can choose a 1 year or 2 year term loan.