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Don’t get caught up with false concepts about no credit loans if you really need fast cash because all you need is a collateral title loan for vehicles.

The usual misconception against vehicle title loans is the baseless assertion that the loan leads to people losing their cars and so lose the transportation to get to work or for the family. In reality, car title loan repossession affects less than 1 percent of borrowers, and evidence indicates that most borrowers eventually pay off their collateral title loans. More than 5 percent of borrowers even pay off their loan early before the loan term ends. All these findings are based on research done by the Vanderbilt Law School.

The honest truth about collateral title loans

Auto title loans are very low interest loans secured by a vehicle that the borrower usually owns outright. The old 30-day and 60-day terms from unsecured loans are already in obsolescence. Instead, the loan terms range from 1 year up to 2 years. Naturally, if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can repossess the borrower’s vehicle, but this is normal for any collateral loan regardless of whatever collateral is used.

Collateral title loans and research facts

Since only less than 1 percent of vehicles involved in vehicle title loans end up being repossessed, this small percentage suggests that the dire consequences that critics predict are unlikely to occur for the vast majority of collateral title borrowers. The research even shows that more unsecured loan and short term loan borrowers default on their loans and more roll over their old loans into new ones, with even higher interest rates.

Collateral title loan lenders offer better services and

Furthermore, more and more honest and straightforward collateral title loan lenders now post information about how people can actually apply and handle collateral title loans and the likelihood of defaulting on the loan. Research has demonstrated in real world markets that disclosure rules can be used to inform people about how others use the loans.

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