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New Baby Expenses and Car Title Loans in Toronto, Ontario

Having a Newborn Can Be Tough on the Budget

Congratulations! You’re expecting a new baby. Whether your baby is planned or unplanned, the arrival of your little bundle of joy is exciting, but it can also be financially overwhelming. A new baby brings lots of changes and lots of major expenses for new parents. There are so many things that you need to purchase that my not even cross your mind until you need them.

Because your baby expenses can get out of control, it’s important to plan for all of your new expenses before the baby arrives. Let’s look at some of the things you’ll be spending your cash on in the near future.

Preparing Your Home in Toronto, Ontario for your New Baby

You will be amazed just how much money you can spend preparing your home for your new baby. You’ll need important things like a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, baby carrier, and play pen. Of course there are lots of toys to get to keep your baby occupied and stimulated. You’ll also need to buy food, diapers, and other items needed to care for your baby day in and day out.


Then you’ll need to actually furnish the room your baby will live in. So you’ll need a crib, crib mattress, bedding, blankets, changing table, small dresser, and a baby monitor. The cost for these basic items can easily stretch into the thousands of dollars. When you need that much money fast, vehicle title loans can give you what you need.

Loss of Income with Pregnancy or Parental Leave

Of course it is wonderful that the law gives you up to 17 weeks of job-protected, unpaid time off work if you are pregnant and 37 weeks of parental leave. So fine, you won’t lose your job, but you won’t be getting paid either. You need a way to make up for that income. Consider a car title loan.

Get Extra Money Fast with Car Title Loans in Toronto, Ontario

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