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Are there drawbacks when applying for collateral title loans for vehicles?

Vehicle title loans are loans that allow you to pledge your vehicle title as collateral in exchange for cash. The most common type of collateral title loan is the car title loan. Before you apply for this type of loan, make sure you know that the so-called “pitfalls” are all just misconceptions.

The basics of collateral title loans

To get a collateral auto title loan, you need to find a lender and discuss about your vehicle and vehicle title. Or you can straightaway apply online by filling out the application form. Present the vehicle and title for inspection, and be able to show your valid driver’s license. Loan amount will depend on the real market value of the vehicle, year and make, and the engine condition.

Collateral title loan benefits

The common misconception with all collateral loans is that it’s normal that if the borrower cannot repay the loan, the lender needs to repossess the collateral. This is normal with any loan because all lenders need to recoup their losses should a borrower fail to pay the full loan. You can continue using the vehicle even while paying off the loan.

Low interest rates and reasonable payment terms

The so-called main problem with vehicle title loans is the fear of interest rates. This is because interest rates with short term and unsecured loans are very high, and payment terms are so short, usually lasting 30 to 60 days. Interest rates for collateral title loans are the lowest when compared to other unsecured loans. It is also the lowest in the lending industry. Payment terms run from 1 year to 2 years.

Preparation is at a minimum

Aside from the vehicle title that you need to present as collateral and make sure that there is no outstanding lien on it, the vehicle must be presented for a thorough inspection. You must also present your valid driver’s license. Make sure that the application form is fully filled out and submitted online.

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